A Killer Wave! (8-10 Players)

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Theme: Professional surfing
Players: 8-10
Duration: 1.5-2 hours

The Scene: Killer Wave Surfing Federation is a professional surfing organization that is about to culminate a wild season of competitions with its championship event in beautiful Maui! This season has had plenty of surprises, and a new favorite has emerged, threatening the 3-time defending champion. However, the qualifiers include many talented surfers with their eyes on the prize. Winning the championship means $350,000 in cash, top promotional opportunities, and recognition as the face of Killer Wave Surfing Federation.  Performers, sponsors, coaches, and judges are all excited for the competition to begin, as the top women surfers in the world will have their finely-honed talents on full display on this incredible day of huge waves, amazing stunts, and… murder! (Sneak Peak below)

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Spice Up Your Party

Welcome party guests to a traditional Hawaiian luau with an “Aloha!” and a filling feast of shredded kalua pork (made by placing a pork roast with 1 T sea salt and 1 T liquid smoke in a slow cooker on low setting for 14 hours) or grilled Huli Huli chicken (chicken marinated soy sauce, brown sugar, ketchup, chicken broth, and ginger), rice, macaroni salad, tropical fruit kabobs, and Hawaiian sweet rolls. As beverages, serve make-your-own smoothies, pina coladas garnished with umbrella toothpicks, or chilled cans of Hawaiian Punch fruit drink. Other taste-of-the islands dessert possibilities could be pineapple upside down cake, coconut cupcakes, shaved ice with a splash of sweet and condensed milk, or brownies with macadamia nuts.

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1 review for A Killer Wave! (8-10 Players)

  1. 5 out of 5
    1 review(s)


    I really like how the script is set up. It tells you what to say, but at the same time lets you act your way.

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