Host a Murder Mystery Party Your Friends Will Never Forget!

Enjoy an evening of murder, deceit, and trickery. Hosting your own murder mystery party with a game from Mystery on Demand makes for unforgettable fun. Select any game to view more details including plot overviews, character descriptions, and more. Then simply download, print, and throw your party! See All Games

Before the Event

The host will email each player a character bio. The bio contains a detailed description of a character in the game, followed by a brief description of the other characters. The bio should be read before the murder mystery party begins. Dressing up is encouraged. Each game has a theme (60s, Circus, etc.), and individual character bios may provide specific ideas about how to dress. Click the images below for a sneak peak.

The Game Begins

Upon arrival at the event, the host hands each guest a copy of his or her Act 1 character sheet. Each sheet contains one or more announcements that the character will make during Act 1 as well as indications of how to respond to other characters. The following Act 1 sheets correspond with players from different games (A Gutshot Straight, A Reunion to Die For, A Marquee Murder).